Network Access for Special Events

Information on locations that are pre-approved for hosting events with Guest Network Access can be found at: .

Special event planners wishing to offer Guest Network Access in areas other than pre-approved areas must contact University Technology Services for planning, review, and approval prior to the event.

To initiate the review process please complete the following steps by sending the following information to :

  • Confirm you have read University Policy 850 available at: .

  • Provide number of attendees.
  • Provide location of event including building, room or general area.
  • Reason for internet access (e.g. access to university resources, general web surfing, specific website, etc.).
  • If this is an event organized by a Student Organization provide the name and NetID for the Faculty Advisor.
  • Start and end date of event.
  • Provide the NetID for the sponsor/responsible for the event. This person will need to reply to the ticket created agreeing to Policy 890 "Use of University Information Technology Resource" .

  • Internet access for minors (under the age of 18) requires special provisioning. If the intended audience for an event includes minors please complete these additional steps:
    • Complete the University Youth Protection on Campus checklist - . Minors must have all Internet access monitored.

    • Design your waiver form and review with UTS. Make sure your waiver form covers minors, if appropriate. (For contracted events, such as Youth Campus renting space at OU, a copy of the camp's waiver should be supplied in lieu of creating the waiver form below)
      • All waiver forms must include a statement to agree to university policies, particularly Policy #890 .

      • Add a link to Policy 890 to any of the Waivers / Release Forms or provide a physical copy to all the attendees using OU Network Resources.
      • Provide a completed blank copy of the Waivers Form from attendees and minors (if applicable).
    • For contacted events, such as a Youth Summer Camps renting space at OU a copy of the Camp's Waiver may be submitted ins

Send this information in email to University Technology Services for review. Please allow a minimum of two weeks for the review process.

Upon review and approval UTS will provide login credentials for the number of attendees and access will be provided for the length of the event. Please note UTS cannot guarantee wireless performance during the event and is unable to assist with connectivity issues.

June 2019