UCCX Help Desk Prompt Recording Guide

To re-record a new greeting for the Help Desk (ext 4357) on UCCX

• Dial ext 5825

• Enter pin [****]

• Press 1 to record the prompt

• Record your new prompt and press # when finished

• Press 1 to review the prompt, Press 2 to save, and Press 3 to re-record the new prompt

• After you press 2 to save, enter the 4-digit number of the prompt you want to record over. (Warning – This will delete the old prompt and replace it with the new prompt. Please review the new prompt before saving)

  • (Alternative method) If you do not want to record over the old prompt, then you can save the new greeting with a 4-digit number not currently being used. NCS can supply available numbers. After the greeting is saved, NCS can manually change the greeting to use the new prompt and the old prompt will still be available to use at a later time but inactive.

• After you enter the 4-digit number, press 1 to save.

• Now you can hang up or re-record another greeting.

Current Help Desk 4-digit prompts

  1. Welcome – 5000
  2. Closed – 5300
  3. Queue – 5101
  4. Not Available – 5800
  5. Queue 2 – 5201
  6. Holiday – 5400