Vendor Accounts

This page is created as a resource for vendors who need to work on University systems.

You may need several accounts or permissions granted.

How can I access systems from off-site?

You can coordinate with an OU employee who has the appropriate firewall access already and perform a shared remote session (such as WebEx).

You can use the University's VPN, and have all required firewalls opened up to your VPN role.

How do I log into Windows Servers?

Our domain-joined computers use a domain named ADMNET.

You will need a vendor account; these will expire annually or at the end of your contract.

The password will expire every 180 days. The password can be reset before it expires by logging into a domain-joined server and using the Ctrl+Alt+Insert menu to reset the password. If the password is past expiration, you will need to request a manual reset by contacting

How do I log into Linux servers?

You will need a NetID guest account. The guest account must be requested by a university sponsor. The form is available at

This account will need to be renewed periodically by the sponsor.

After you have an account, you can email with the requested access rights.

What if my account is expired or my password is expired?

If your ADMNET password is expired, email with your name, company name, phone number, email address, and availability. We will vet your information and ensure your contract is valid. They will send you a 1Password guest account invitation; that will enable us to share a password with you securely.

If your account is expired, we will need validation from your sponsor that you are still under contract.

What if I want to run a scheduled task or service?

Request a service account (these accounts do not expire but are limited in access) by emailing with than needed permissions of the account and systems it will run on.

How do I use 1Password?

You will be sent an invite to your email. The invite should include instruction for creating your account and secret key. Your account will then pend approval until you are vetted. You will then have access to a single Vault, where credentials and other confidential information can be shared.