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Voice over Internet Phone (VoIP) and Netreg

Topic: Voice over Internet Phone (VoIP) and Netreg
Audience: Staff
Creation Date: February 18, 2013
Author: Andrew Kee

Steps to re-register your computer if you have a VoIP phone

  • First, register your computer at

voip1.jpg voip2.jpg

  • Second, you will need to check if your computer is connected to the network through your phone. If you only have a single network cord plugged into your phone, you’re all set. If there are two, your computer is connected through it.

voip3.jpg voip4.jpg

  • If you have your computer or laptop connected through your VoIP phone, then you will need to unplug both the cords you see on the back of your phone.
    • This will allow the phone to reboot and your computer to finish registering.
    • You will be able to see the two cables going to Network and the other to Computer.

    • These are the two cables you will need to unplug and re-connect in order to finish registering.