Event Management Software Options

Oakland University has several options to assist departments with managing events.

What is an event?

An event is a meeting of individuals which requires that individuals register or enroll to participate in an event that occurs in-person or online, on a set date and at a set time. Events may handle any number of participants.

What are key configuration requirements?

In order to determine the correct software for an event, several requirements must be established.

  • Who is the target audience for the event, considering public, recruited students, existing students, employees, alumni, or other constituent groups?
  • Is there an expectation that the name and contact information for the attendee will be kept for future marketing contact?
  • Where will the event be held and do you need to manage the location to handle the number of attendees?
  • Is there a fee for event registration?
  • Are credits or continuing education units awarded for attending the event?
  • Is a credential for attending the event produced?
  • Is there an expectation that credentials can be reproduced on request in the future?

What options might be considered for event management?

  • Does your event award credit? If your event awards credit, then your event requires academic management as a course in Banner. Contact the Office of the Registrar.

* Does your event award continuing education units or certification of participation, requiring a reproducible record? If your event awards continuing education units or certification of participation requiring a credential that can be reproduced in the future, please contact the Professional and Continuing Education department for event management using Banner Flexible Registration.

* Is your event targeting student recruiting populations? Please contact Admissions or Grad Student about using Recruiter to manage your event.

* Does your event require registration for a fee or free registration with a managed attendee list, for an event, conference, or seminar, but no credits or credentials are produced? Please contact Student Financial Services at mktplace@oakland.edu to set up a MarketPlace store.

* Is your event targeting alumni and donors? Please contact University Relations for possible management of your event in iModules.

* Is your event targeting existing students, and none of the above apply? Your event might be a candidate for Banner Event Management. Contact UTS for testing at uts@oakland.edu

* Does your event just require an attendee list to control room size? You may want to consider using MarketPlace, with no fee, or a simple Google form.

Contact uts@oakland.edu if you need to plan software use.

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