Symantec endpoint is client software that provides Antivirus,

It can be installed by the local desktop support professionals for any department on campus.

Verify Connection Settings

You can verify what client a device is using from Symantec endpoint protection by:

  1. Opening the Symantec Endpoint Client. By double-clicking on the yellow shield in your bottom right toolbar

toolbar with shield

  1. Click on the Help - then Trouble shooting

sep application with help hylighted

  1. Choosing "server Connection Status."

Correct connection status pointing to av02

  1. Ensure that Server Name: "" and Port Number: 44

Install Instruction

You will need access to CASOFT - To request access email


run the win64-setup.exe installer from \\\shares\common\casoft\symantec\latest\

After the reboot, you may be prompted by Windows defender or another antivirus software. Choose the option to enable and update Symantec endpoint protection.


The Installer can not be run from a network share.

Browse to \\admnet\shares\Common\CASOFT\Symantec\latest copy the entire macClient directory to the Mac you will be performing the install on. Then run Symantec Endpoint Protection


You will need to provide a password to uninstall Symantec Endpoint. Ask you supervisor or Email if you need this password.