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Indexing Documents

When a page is scanned or imported, it does not become a searchable document in BDM until it is indexed.

Index fields are in the pane to the right of your document.

In many cases indexing is as simple as entering a GID in the ID field and then clicking the tab key on your keyboard. This will populate the ID, PIDM, LAST NAME, FIRST NAME, SSN (but it is blanked out) and BIRTH DATE index field data from a record in Banner. Alternately this could be a requisition or PO number if you're in one of the finance applications.

One of the index fields that does not automatically populate is Document Type. Select the appropriate document type from the drop down list before saving any index data.

Any index field with a red asterisk are considered required. You won't be able to save the index data until those fields are filled in.

Click the "Save" button at the bottom of the index to save the index and therefore your document. Failing to save an index will cause that page to be deleted. You will see the error message below. Clicking "Delete" will delete the document. Clicking "Cancel" will allow you to complete the index.


Modifying Indexes

In the event that you need to modify an index, click the "Modify" button on the bottom of the index fields. You do need a specific privilege for this.