Modules Software System


Matilda uses the Environment Modules package to allow users to load appropriate environment variables to use a particular version of an installed piece of software.

By default gcc/9.2.0 and slurm/19.05.7 are automatically loaded on every login.

Using Modules

To view available modules,

module avail

You can make a call to the module in your SLURM submit script to set up your environment appropriately. e.g. To load the gcc/9.2.0 modules:

module load gcc/9.2.0

To load multiple modules (this will load latest slurm and a specific version of GCC)

module load slurm gcc/9.2.0

To list loaded modules

module list

To remove modules. e.g. To remove the gcc/9.2.0 module:

module unload gcc/9.2.0

To clear all loaded modules

module purge

To reset to the default modules loaded on first login:

module reset

More details on using the modules system can be found in the User Guide for Lmod or in the module man page. The man page for module may be accessed when connected in an interactive SSH session to by typing the following:

man module

Available Software Titles

The HPC cluster currently has over 180 software titles installed for use. Please refer to the current software list for details. To have an application installed, please file a ticket with the HPC.

More Information

For detailed user options when using the modules system, please refer to the following: