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Using Batches in BDM

Batches are an effective way to scan or upload pages that you wish to index at a later date. Here is a page on how to use batches.

Log in to ApplicationXtender.
Click on the application you wish to create a batch in.
Select "New Batch".


Give the natch a name and click "Continue". This will come in handy when you have multiple batches and you are looking for a specific one to index.


This takes you to the standard scanning screen. From here you can scan pages to your batch or import/upload them as you normally would.

Indexing a batch

Once the pages have been scanned in or uploaded, they are ready to index now or at a later date. To index them now:

Click the "New Document" button under "Batch"


This will open up the index pane for indexing.

You will notice once that page is indexed, that your page count will be decrease by 1. That is because the page is now a document and no longer in the batch. After indexing the first page, you can additional pages to the document by clicking the "Attach Current Page" button under "Page".


If you want to index all of the remaining pages to the document click "Attach All Pages"


If you wish to index pages of the batch to a different index then click "New Document" again and a fresh index pane will open.


If you wish to quit indexing so that you may index the batch at a later date then click "Cancel Indexing" under "Batch" and log out


Indexing a Batch at a Later Date

This section describes how to index a batch a later date.
There are some advantages to this. For example, one user can scan a batch and another user can index it later. Batches are stored while not indexed as opposed to a document scan which will delete if it is not indexed immediately.

Log in to ApplicationXtender.
Click on the application you wish to create a batch in.
Select "Manage Batches".


Locate the batch you wish to index (this is where naming it comes in handy).
Click the triangle icon by the batch you wish to index and select "Index".
Index as outlined above.