Logging into the Matilda Cluster

Matilda HPC Cluster Access Request

To request access to the Matilda HPC Cluster please submit the "Matilda HPC Cluster Access Request" from our Forms menu.

General Access Information

Secure shell (SSH) access to the login nodes is available directly within the campus network and from the Internet, the hostname is: hpc-login.oakland.edu. When accessing the system from the Internet Duo multi-factor authentication is required.

Matilda login banner

For example, from a typical terminal client:

ssh [email protected]

When prompted for DUO 2-factor, select your method of authentication and you will be logged into the cluster login node.

From this node you can manage your files, run short scripts and submit jobs to Matilda.

Matilda Job Environment

The Matilda HPCC utilizes the Slurm workload schedule see: https://slurm.schedmd.com/quickstart.html

Please see documentation on Cluster Job Commands and Example Job Scripts for more information.

To see a list of available modules/software use:

modules avail

To load software to your path use:

module load <module_name>

To see currently loaded modules use:

module list

For more information on software please see documentation on the Cluster Software modules system.

SSH Client Software

Commonly used client software for connecting via SSH to Matilda includes




  • Terminal